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Chakra alternate Celtic Cross

I don't usually post my spreads, because a lot of them are spur of the moment and, in the long run, are very similar to a lot of other spreads in this great forum.

And strangely enough...I really don't like the celtic cross spread, and rarely...if ever...feel the need to use it.

But recently, I have done a lot of work with chakras, colors and rainbow symbolism...and late one night as I lay awake, trying to clear my mind to sleep...this one popped into my head.

so, I have done a few readings with it...and y' know what? I kinda like it. even though it uses a type of celtic cross for it's basis, I feel it really helps me get into my own head...but bypassing all the Ego in the process.

This isn't really a question/outcome spread as much as a kind of general balancing spread. To see where your blocks are, to look at messages and patterns that are not necessarily so obvious. To really get a good look inside.
It works really great with both the Osho Zen tarot and the Tao oracle

so...laying the cards as you would a regular Celtic Cross to

1.the first card in the middle is called the NOW MOMENT
it represents where you are, or perhaps where you perceive yourself to be. It can also be the kind of energy you are currently exuding.

2.lay a card horizontal across the first...this is the BRIDGE TO CROSS
this represents what you need to do, or what you have forgotten. It is what needs to be addressed, and can also be representitive of what is in the way.

3. the next card goes directly above these and is AS ABOVE
This can be what comes from the higher source, or what the universe is doing. Interpreting the "Universe" can be ...everything outside of your decisions...but that which you are still Universally connected to. It can also represent what other people do.

4. Goes below 1&2...and represents SO BELOW
This is how you manifest things that come from the higher source. it is how you use the inspiration and messages you receive, and how the turns of the Universe currently affect you.

5. this card is laid to the left of the 1& is BEHIND YOU
what is passing, what supports you and your thinking patterns,
what you have let go of...or what you need to let go of.

6. This one to the right of 1&2 represents BEFORE YOU
what is comming, and what is the obvious, and right there in front of your eyes. Also...can be what you need to do BEFORE you do anything else. you place the next cards, but instead of a column of 4 cards, like in the standard CC, you place the first three (bottom to top) and then next to this column...another three cards (also bottom to top) and one last card (lucky 13) on the top of the two columns.

7. represents the ROOT CHAKRA
the physical body and the material plane. How you take care of yourself, both in body health and in financial ways.

8. Placed above the ABDOMINAL CHAKRA
it is all about creation and sexuality. How these things are integrated and interpreted in your life.

9. directly above the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA
this represents how you useyour personal power, and what kind of power you currently exude. as this is also the stomach can also be what is eating you...and what kind of fuel and energy you consume.

10. placed next to the HEART CHAKRA
This is about you express it, what needs to be healed in your relationships, and issues of forgiveness. Remember, that LOVE should be unconditional.

11. above 10, next to the THROAT CHAKRA
this is how you currently communicate, and express yourself, and how you share yourself verbally, or creatively with others. This also represents what messages you give and receieve, that are not necessarily conscious.

12. placed above 11, next to 9 is THIRD EYE CHAKRA
this is your intuition, and psychic abilities. it represents Vision, both Inner, and Outer, and how you see through Illusions.

13.above both columns is the CROWN CHAKRA
how you are flowing with the Universe and all creation, your Higher Self's goals, and progress for what you are here for.

You can also read the columns across...
7&10 represent YOURSELF How you currently see and treat yourself.
8&11 represents OTHERS how you currently see and treat other people in your life as well as strangers
9&12 GOALS defining what you need to accomplish and why
and a final message from your higher source.

yeah I know. Pretty deep stuff. Enjoy your discoveries!
edited to fix the worst of the horrendous spelling errors!
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