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Maat tarot IDS

Cards/Numbers: Moon/73, Ace of Swords/74, Ace of Wands/75, Ace of Cups/76, Ace of Coins/77

Card Images: see attached, the Ace of Coins could not be found

First Impressions: And we come to the mystery of the moon and the aces. And to me, they run together, hand in hand- the mystery of the Moon, the culmination of all the suits. And I am reminded of the journey that I have taken through the suits. And I feel the seasons shift within my Spirit. And they speak to me their secrets, and I learn from their wisdom. And a voice whispers softly- and teaches the way, the way to Divinity, to fullness of Spirit- “Pray”, it whispers softly- “Pray”.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Senses: There is no air, I am drifting within ether. And I watch as the seasons shift before me: the cool crisp autumn air, the cold winter night, the warming spring blossoms and the heat of the summer night- all lit with the silvery light of the moon.

Symbols: faces of women in various stages of life, sword, wand, cup and coin.

Story (intuitive): I look at the cards, and the Spirit in me is moved. And I remember… I remember- the mystery of the Divine, the hard road of the swords, the hibernation of the winter wands, the fullness of love in the cups and the spiritual journey of the coins. And I smile as I look down- a journey coming to a close, a journey that has lent me wisdom and strength. And I realize now, that each card signifies one of the five fundamental prayers.

Moon: The mystery of the majors, the mystery of divine. A prayer lifted up to the Gods and Goddesses, praise for their presence in our lives: Hail to You for your divinity. You complete humanity, and make us whole. The universe is wonderful with You in it. Praise to you, Gods and Goddesses, for all that you have given us. Hail to you!

Swords: The hard road of failure, difficulty and strife. A prayer to you, a simple one filled with emotion: I am sorry! I am sorry for the times that I have failed you. I am sorry for those times where I have not lived to your expectations. I am sorry for the times that I took the easy road, instead of the one filled with wisdom. Yet, You stood beside me, forgiving me my losses, and through my sorrow, I have been lifted again. I am sorry!

Rods: The road of vulnerability, a road of contemplation. A prayer to you: Please! I am vulnerable, even in times of victory- for I can never live up to your ideal. Please, be there to guide me, please- never leave my side. Please- don’t stop loving me. Please- don’t give up on me. Please- help me. Please heal me. Please!

Cups: The road of love and warmth. A prayer to you: I love you! I am so blessed to have you in my life. The love I have for You has shown me so much, and has guided me in how to love others around me. I gave up my pride, my ideals, my arrogance- and in that place found a love that is more true than any other. I love you!

Coins: The road of gratitude and reflection. A prayer to you: Thank you! Thank you for staying by my side through the journey. Thank you for walking beside me even when I chose the wrong path. Thank you for never giving up on me, even those times I gave up on myself. Thank you!

May I live in prayer and thankfulness to You. May I live true to my Wyrd. May I walk forever beside You. May I hear Your voice forever. My Spirit lifts up my prayers to You, each suit a call to Divine. And in the end, it is the mystery revealed in the cards that calls to us all from a distance- our link to Your presence, our link to Spirit, a path to guide us all back home.

Astrologic: Moon: 13th moon, can fall in any zodiac sign, sword: autumn, wand: winter, cup: spring and coin: summer

Element: all elements, including ether

Keywords and Meanings:
Moon: illusion, deception. A mystery, a rare gift, Divinity- though often misinterpreted by humanity- hence the illusion.
Ace of Swords: the fulfillment and completion of suit of Swords. The season of Autumn, the element of fire, a time of destruction and harvest.
Ace of Wands: the fulfillment and completion of suit of Wands. The season of Winter, the element of air, a time of healing and rejuvenation.
Ace of Cups: the fulfillment and completion of suit of Cups. The season of Spring, the element of water, a time emotion and love.
Ace of Coins: the fulfillment and completion of suit of Coins. The season of Summer, the element of earth, a time of creation.

Quote: "I have learned the fundamental prayers, and live my life as a heathen re-born.”
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