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I love the symbol of the key...and the round about way it comes to represent inspiration for me!

But for that, I have to go through all the things that the key represents in my personal symbology record.

I keep skeleton keys like this on my normal key chain. I have a collection of them...and they do inspire me when I look at them, as they make me think of all the unknown possibilities and things those antique keys had once opened...

And all the doors in my parents house where I grew up still have these old locks...and once they all had skeleton keys too(although I think I stole most when I left, because they weren't being used!) The only one that worked well was the one for my closet door.
And I used to daydream about what that closet led to...a secret passage to Narnia or another world? I often still dream(at night) about that closet, and all it contains, or could...the inspiration that comes from thinking outside the box...spiralling to what could be.
The key is often in that same dream...and it occurs often in guided meditations as a gift from the quarter of the East...the kingdom of Air.
Air is the mind, intellectual thoughts and pursuits new ideas and inspirations...and the key is that symbol telling me to unlock those doors in my mind, to create new possibilities...
to dream
to imagine...
to inspire.
and to be inspired.

I also use the key as a symbol in the first oracle system I created...It represents the planet Jupiter, and also responsibility and... inspiration.
The key is also a system that organizes...or unlocks mysteries, hidden inspiration. a key can break a code, or inspire in you other ways of thinking, and creating patterns.

I think the key...and this card is inspiring me to write all these words right now, even if they don't seem to be making any sense!
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