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Horary DIY

It's time for another round of Horary questions but this time I'm adding a twist for those who want it.

I'm going to use this as a 'How to' thread to help some of you who wish to learn horary. So as well as asking your question you have the opportunity to participate in answering your own question or indeed other people's questions.

No prior knowledge is required and your contribution can be simply asking the question through to casting your own chart, identifying the significators and even attempting your own reading - how far you choose to go is up to you.

Questions should be treated the same as in previous threads - that is it should be on something that is important to you at the moment (no matter how trivial it might seem in the great scheme of things). That is the key element - it has importance to you now.

Think carefully about how you phrase the question, make sure that it's clear and is worded to reflect your major concern. It's not just you that has to understand what you mean - I and others who wish to contribute need to do so too, if I'm we're goint to give an answer that is helpful. For those of you who are Tarot readers, it's exactly the same issue as reading for someone else's question - you need to be sure that you understanding of the question and their's is the same.

For those of you who wish to try reading in whole or part I'm going to give a few tips in the following posts, so that we will be ready to kick off early next week - hopefully Monday, or even before if I've got the first few posts sorted and people have questions to ask.

You will also need to cast your own chart if you want to try some part of the reading so the basic rules for this are. Wait till you're sure you've got the question just right and it accurately reflects what you want to ask. It's best to take your time at this stage, as quite often you might thing of something after your initial stab at wording the question, or realise that other factors actually lie behind your question and those are more important as the subject of the question. When you are sure it's as you want it make a note of the time and date.


If you don't have any astrological software go to and use the facilities there to generate a horoscope for that time and date and the place where you were when the question was finalised. That is likely to be your home, so usue your home town as the place for the horoscope. Unless you happen to be out of town at the time you finalised your question, your home town will be the place for all your horary readings. doesn't really allow you to customise your chart. In most respects that's not a major problem but if you intend to repeat the process with other questions. either in this thread or on your own and get into horary (or Astrology in general) I would suggest that you download one of the free Astrology programs and install it on your computer.

There are two that are well worth considering - Morinus and Riyal. I'm going to be using Morinus as the basic program for this thread but Riyal is well worth it if you are interested in Dave's methods relating to Solar Returns, as he has had a significant input into its development.

I'm going to start a separate thread on these free programs and I'm hoping that Dave will do the input for Riyal. Remember that both of these being freeware do not have the atlases and daylight saving data that the proprietary software has but as it's easy to look up the longitude and latitude for your home town (using Google Earth or Google Maps) and as you know whether you're using Daylight Saving time or not, these lend themselves to Horary. Once you have these details and your offset from GMT you have no further need tio look up any further information, unless you also want to use them for natal charts of friends and relatives.

In the next few posts I'll lay out the procedures that you will need to apply once you have settled your question and cast your chart.
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