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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
I have a question: once I cast a chart and on it was saying the |Moon was void of course while you said she was not. I'm glad I posted the chart here ignoring the website but how do we know for sure if the chart is OK at all considering the Moon's movement? If says it's void of course?
Because there is more than one definition of what 'void of course' means

The usual answer is that it's a situation where the Moon makes no further major aspect before it changes sign.

William Lilly defined it slightly differently - he would allow situations where the Moon was applying to a major Aspect which would be perfected early in the new sign. Thus Moon at say 28 degrees Libra applying to Jupiter at say 1 degree Pisces is an applying Trine and Lilly would say that the Moon is not void of course. The aspect will be perfected at 1 degree Scorpio within a few hours.

I use Lilly's definition because an aspect is being formed and will be perfected so there is a clear 'course' of the Moon but Lilly is not universally accepted by any means. I think this is one of those situations where, in Lilly's words, art tempers the science.
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