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Originally Posted by Nytebugg View Post
will we be creating individual threads for this or will it be one thread?

on the subject for questions lets say you have a romance one. Would a viable question be "will I have a serious relationship in the next 6 months" or does it need to be more specific to a person such as "will I have a serious relationship with Joe in the next 6 months"? or are both types questions valid?
I hadn't really thought that one through but from the interest already it might be better to do separate threads rather than people having to wait their turn. The question might lose relevance in some instances if the delay is excessive. The downside is that there might be a number of threads going at any one time and the learning process may become fragmentary. So I'd like to keep this thread going so that I can post on issues that effect more than one person or are important issues in horary. It means I might have to put links into the threads but whilst there's interst I don't want to let it just evaporate.

I think I'd like to take the first one or two here, simply to provide some guidance for everyone else in terms of procedures. Thereafter people can have a go at their own and I'll comment. I also hope people will comment on each other's threads/horaries because that will also help in the learning process.

Tomorrow I'll post the considerations before judgement and then we can get into those initial horaries. So perhaps someone can ask a question at that point and I'll do a worked example explaining the reasoning behind each step. Then someone else can post their own reading in this thread and we'll talk it through. Thereafter if people feel confident enough to launch their own thread that will be fine. For those who are not, this thread will still remain active.
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