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Summaryv-vBasic steps

1 Agree the question

2 Cast the chart

3 Identify the signifcators of Querent and Quesited

4 Assess the condition of each in terms of Essential and Accidental dignities

5 Try to apply these to querent and quesited in terms of the situation

6 Look to see if there is an applying aspect between them

7 If no applying aspect check for antisica

8 If no antisica check the Moon and it's past and future aspects

9 Form your judgement of the outcome

In most question you will be looking for an aspect or other contact between significators but there may be times in a Yes or No question when simply the strength of the significators might be enough - for example a strong mutual reception by rulership or exaltation.

The two significators in an applying trine, conjunction or sextile may not be enough to secure the outcome, especially if both significators are weak or one or both is also afflicted by a malefic. In Nytebugg's question both her possible significators are strong - Saturn and Venus are both in their exaltations and both are in good houses, especially Venus. The Sun is weak though, and whilst it has an aspect to a benefic, it is only by square The outcome is also dependent on the Moon's actions The Moon in turn is peregrine but it is fast, it is in a good house (the eleventh), and it has just trined the benefic Jupiter. A final good point for it is that it is ruled by Saturn, te significator of Nytebugg.

Nows I'll take another question but those of you who would like to have a go for yourselves are welcome to try your hand I will use this thread to answer any questions on methods, as well as dealing with those who just wish to have their question answered wthout having to try for themselves or have done a chart and identified their significators but can't get any further
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