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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Hi Minderwiz,

I'm a bit confused by how the first house can be used for the quesited. Wouldn't you then have the same significator for the querent as for the quesited?
In this case the quesited is you, or rather an important characteristic of you - your body and it's wellbeing.

Lilly says that you would check to see that the Ascendant, The Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon are in good condition and not afflicted by the malefics including Lords 8, 12, 6 and 4. (by square or opposition)

Thus your significator in an angular house, direct and swift in motion and in one of it's own dignities, (the higher the better) is an indication that your health is good.

Similarly the Venus or Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant would be a good sign, Saturn or Mars conjunct would not (unless they were the Ascendant ruler or had their exaltation there)

Check all three significators (Ascendant, its ruler and the Moon) if all three are fine so are you. To the extent that one or more is afflicted or weak so your health will have to be revised down.

The default here is your current knowledge of your health - so if you have regular checks and are normally bouncing with health, the bad indications in the chart will have to be quite strong to make you go off and consult a doctor. If your health is normally poor, a series of good indications in the chart suggests that it is no worse than normal. If your health is changing then the chart will indicate whether it is improving or deteriorating.
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