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Hi Melia,

I know what you mean about wanting to feel the deck in your hand. I have Lynda Hill's card decks (the 12 zodiac and 30 degree cards) which are only a total of 42 cards to deal with.

The only problem with buying the full 360 set in a card deck is that is a heck of a lot of cards. How do you handle them, shuffle, lay them out?

I had an idea. Marina, maybe your friend needs to create a set of 42 pictorial cards (like Lynda's) in addition to the 360 symbols that she has already created. Then, you could shuffle and select from the 12 zodiac cards and then from the 30 degrees and then, look up the image in the book. This is what I currently do with your book Marina, and also with Lynda Hill's book, and I have one of Lyn Birkbeck's books too. I draw on all of my sabian books to really get an understanding of the symbol.

with love
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