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Thanks Lee,

I certainly understand your question, so it's clear that you did when you cast the chart. So step one is OK.

Step two is to identify the significators and the Moon is definitely yours. The agency is a little bit awkward for an outsider, it's not directly your employer, as you are freelance, on the other hand it seems to be responsible for 100% of your income and appears to be in the same relatonship to you as an employer. Let's take it for your employer for the reading. Mars therefore is the significator of the agency. However an alternative relationship might be one of buyer (the agency) and seller (you), that might be a real alternative if the agency decides from whom to buy in services and when.

Looking at the Moon, it is indeed Peregrine, so you are not strong at the moment in relation to work (which indeed is the background to the chart). There's worse news to come -the Moon is conjunct the eighth house cusp. If we had been using Placidus houses it would have been clearly in the eighth but that's little comfort as traditionally a planet within 5 degrees of the House cusp is treated as being in that house. So we have an eighth House Moon which piles on accidental dignity - you are not well placed to deal with this situation Yes the Moon is also combust but it's leaving combustion, and it's fast (well just short of Frawley's definition of fast but above it's average speed). So at least there is some marginally good news, though after leaving combustion it will still be under the beams. Tecnically the Moon is occidental or gaining in light, although at the moment of the chart it could not be seen The latter point is again a positive one. So the chart confirms that you are not in a good situation and that you have little power to influence the outcome.

What about the agency Mars appears to be Peregrine, if so the agency too has little power to affect the outcome Placed in the third House, it is in a house that is is cadent and as the lowest possible positive score for placement It's in a better situation to act than you but it's power is low.

There's no major aspect forming between the Moon and Mars. So that does not suggest more work coming.

There's a number of things we could look at to see if there's any other hope:

We could check for a link by antisicia

We could check to see if a third party might intervene

We could re-examine the original allocation of the tenth to the agency and ask if it is more reasonable to treat it as a buyer

Now you look on the agency as an employer, so I'm loathe to do that, without you reconsidering the relationship but at this stage I'm flagging it up as an option.

One further consideration - is the agency as weak as the reading to date suggests? There may be a way of re-evaluating it's position using mutual receptions.
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