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Lee Horary - some further considerations

I flagged up some possible avenues of exploration but it was late (well late here ) so I didn't take them further but I think there's some avenues here for further exploration. I'm going to do this in two posts. The first using the original significators, the second considering the situation as one of buying and selling professional services.

Further exploration of original significators

Lee's chart has no connection between Moon and Mars, either is in a dignity of the other and there is no major aspect forming between them. At the moment this suggests that things will not improve over what they are now, thought Lee's significator, the Moon, has at least two things going for it, it is fast and it is gaining in light. But this does not really offset the combustion, eighth house placement and peregrine nature of the Moon.

Contact by antiscia

With no contact by aspect the next thing I would check is contact by antiscia. That is the two are equally spaced from the solstice line of zero Cancer to zero Capricorn. This is easily done in Morinus by using Tables...Antiscia and looking up either one of the two significators. If we do this for Mars, which is the first one we come to, we find its antiscion is 18 degrees 20 minutes of Libra - this is nowhere near the Moon's position in Aquarius so there is no contact. We can double check by looking at the antiscion of the Moon, which is 19 degrees 47 minutes of Scorpio. We would want the antiscion of one to be within orb of the zodiacal placement of the other.

The aid of a third party

Sometimes a third party might enter in and help. There are two quick ways to check for this. The first is called Translation of Light and involves one of the significators being aspecte by a faster planet, which will then go on and aspect the other significator. Usually this is the Moon or Mercury as the two fastest planets. However here the Moon is one of the significators and there's no planet fast enough to catch it and bring the light from Mars (it would previously have had to aspect Mars).

The second is that the faster of the two significators - Moon in this case - aspects a slower planet than the other significator (Mars), which in turn will be aspected by that other significator. This is called Collection of Light and with Mars as the slower of the two significators, would usually involve Jupiter or Saturn as the third party.l That is the Moon would have to aspect one of those two and then later on Mars aspects the self same planet. A visual check shows that Saturn in Libra is in the next sign to Mars, and so Mars cannot make a major aspect to it, even if the Moon aspects it. Jupiter is in 1 degree Taurus and whilst it's in the Moon's exaltation, it is in fewer degrees than the Moon, so the square aspect has passed.

I would also check to see the speeds of Venus or Mercury, if they are approaching their station they might well be slow enough for Mars to catch them but in this case it's Mars that's approaching it's station and is very slow. (To check speeds use 'Tables...Speed)

So no chance here of a third party intervention. And the slowness of Mars reflects badly on the agency's business - it looks to be static at the moment and the prospect is for it to decline (Mars will station retrograde).

Mutual Reception

We are now down to a very bad outlook on this reading. I raised the issue of whether Mars was really peregrine in my last post.

Using our table of dignities we can see that Mars is in both the sign and exaltation of Mercury. But Mercury is in Capricorn, the exaltation of Mars - both have a mutual interest. What is more they are in a partile trine. In a strict definition of mutual reception, there must be not only the position in a dignity of the other but also an aspect between them. Even though the trine is just past perfection it is still in the same degree (24th) of the sign. Moreover Mercury is applying to a conjunction with the Sun., which is the ruler of Lee's second house of resources and money. So is this someone coming to the rescue of Lee's finances (which appear in a bad way as the Sun is in detriment)? Mercury here could be a client of the agency and given both it's nature and it's rulership of the third house in the chart, if Lee's work has anything to do with computers, accounts, graphics, or communications then we might have something. If so I'd guess that this was an old and favoured client, not particularly a new one.
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