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While I don't support Christine's theory in all the particulars - it is apparent from recent scholarship by noteworthy academics (well-pointed out by Christine who has read most of it) that the 'underground stream' of occultism was far more coherent than we've previously given it credit for. This includes far more interaction and an exchange of ideas and information than was thought. It is also clear from reading Le Monde Primitif that the ideas put forth by de Gébelin and de Mellet were not new to them, but were an amalgam of materials that were 'going the rounds' probably among a Masonic body of occult researchers.

There's a discussion of the Martinist/Masonic possibilities here:
with links to related discussions.

The point in this thread is the demonstrable sources and content of Etteilla's material and what he included in his books and deck.

Personally, I get the impression that Etteilla was more of a popularizer of occult metaphysics than a deep philosopher or mystic, ultizing whatever came to hand to make his numerological-tarot system seem more mysteriously appealing to potential students of his school.

I apologize if I've gotten this thread off track, but I think it is worth trying to determine the extent of Etteilla's Kabbalistic knowledge and any possible link he made between it and the Tarot.
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