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Thanks for the correction-I see it is Princesse Tarot

The fourth variant, the French Princesse Tarot or Jeu de la Princesse (my book is dated 1845), page 150 of A Wicked Pack of cards.

This book also has the FG Irwin bookplate and a motto Dum Msmoir Ipse Mei.

I have been reading the text and it references many fables, but Napoleon and the mages of the pharohs and patience and piquet......and, oh my! Seductive even if you just read the French straight through, chuckling all the way. Maybe just a juicy curioiusity so I can play period cartomancy games with the Lo Scarabeo Jeu de Princesse.

I too have been hopping through too my texts. The fourth" Etteilla" became Etteilla IV, which seems to have existed as a title only. in my brain. Odd French variation, probably just,me having too much fun.

Thanks Mike for your commentary, will keep me busy this weekend after work and classes.
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