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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Yes, you are right on both counts. Lilly sees a mutual reception by sign as a clear indicator of a successful outcome. I don't see any reason why the same should not apply to a mutual reception by exaltation, though I would prefer to see an aspect there as well (as in Lee's horary). Below that level of dignity I would definitely want to see the aspect between the significators. I would then be very happy to predict a successful outcome.

For translation of light a faster planet must in turn aspect one significator and then go on to aspect the other, without any intervening aspects to other planets. If there is such an intervening aspect, the matter is 'prohibited' by that intervening aspect. In simple terms, if a third planet gets in the way of the Moon translating the light from significator 1 to significator 2 then then matter will not work out.

It seems to me that you have a reasonable grip of mutual reception and translation of light, simply by asking those two particular questions - don't be so pessimistic about your own skills and ability - I think you have as good a grasp as I would expect at this stage, probably better!
Тhanks for the kind words, I guess the long unemployment got the best of me. I'll try to see the positive side.

I was asking these questions because a friend of mine cast a chart on relationship for herself and it was the first chart where I saw such mutual reception - she is initially signified by the Sun, the man by Jupiter but as they didn't have any connection, I went further to check if Venus (for her) made an aspect and then I realized exalted Venus was in Pisces while Jupiter was in Taurus. And then I wondered if that was a good sign for my friend starting this relationship. Unfortunately, no other aspects (all will be intervened by other planets), so this was the only ray of light. Oh, they are also in each other's terms I just realized. Quite interesting, for me, as I have never seen it before.
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