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Kwaw - thanks for recognizing these lines. I, too, have to go though these texts with a translation program and a dictionary - but my memory is no longer good enough to remember what I've read. It takes a whole community to put the pieces together.

BTW, I thought Mike H's analysis of the Postel/Frankenberg Key was brilliant. To me it makes much more sense than the conviction that ROTA is an anagram even though the other words clearly aren't. The point is that 'Postel's Key' is that of Christian Kabbalah and the relationship between God and Human - which is what they were writing about.

It is totally understandable that later writers like LÚvi, et al, who were making the Tarot/Kabbalah plus Divine/Human links in order to practice Theurgic Magic would use such material as justification for their own perspective.

It doesn't make it historically correct, but that doesn't mean that such myths should be thrown out in their entirety. Such lore becomes part of the mythic/astral world in which magicians move in order to do their work. It offers psychic ley lines along which one can tap power in the etheric realm and use connections to effect the physical world. Confusion occurs when each realm is not given its due and when we insist that one must equal the other - that belief and science have to concur, when they don't. The fact that belief and science often don't concur (but that that's okay) is a central realization that Chaos Magicians came to while most people are still stuck with the old paradigm that only when belief and science match are we dealing with "Truth."

The Historical Research section of Aeclectic reserves the right, as I understand it, to operate in the realm of science and its requisite evidence. However, that doesn't give Science the right to deride the truth of other realms - only to make it clear when the demands of scientific evidence and logic are being met and when they aren't.
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