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Hi Astraea! I finally have some time to catch up on this thread, and I had a few questions about your post.
Originally Posted by Astraea View Post
here, Saturn teeters on the brink of Scorpio - where he, too, will become peregrine.
How can I tell here that Saturn will be peregrine in Scorpio?
If we view the agency as a 7th house entity - which I am inclined to do, since the 7th concerns agents in general
Might it make a difference that the agency in my situation isn't a single person, but a company? Can the 7th house represent a company, or only individuals?

Thanks for the input Astraea, a lot of it went right over my head, but it was still enjoyable for me to try and puzzle it through, despite the gloomy outlook!

EDITED TO ADD: I deleted two of my questions when I read Minderwiz's subsequent post which explained them.
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