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Thank you Mary, the reference was Josephine reading tarot in prison

Page 39 of Josephine & Napoleon by Margaret Irene Laing. The situation described was Josephine, as the divorced wife of her first husband, was still a suspect of politics as many gentry were...and the circumstance was she believed she would not die as the others, as she had tried doing tarot readings about her fate and she didn't seek pregnancy in order to be temporarily released from prison to put her affairs in order. The reference mentioned that a servant in Martinique predicted Josephine would be destined to rise high and so Josephine had faith in her tarot cards and optimistic about her fate. It could be one of those doubtful accounts.

It is probably an OT oddity and a fable...I don't think Etteilla tarot ever was ever linked to Josephine in any gossip--it's always a sibyl reading for Napoleon or Josephine when they were in their shining days.

Thank you guys for touching on these odd topics--I was also running across other mentions of Josephine, later, as Empress and also a member of a masonic style lodge, St Caroline Lodge.

One book of Freemasonry has all the Napoleonic era 19th century tidbits that seem tarotlike - as the image of the woman who has the J and B pillars on either side of her and a book at her feet. It's not direct Etteilla imagery, it's only 'the time of Etteilla tarot' style imagery---I will keep looking. Thanks again!


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