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Originally Posted by Teheuti View Post
Huck - are you saying that Etteilla's card #1-"Etteilla" was really supposed to be the Sun God Apollo or was it supposed to be Chaos? What then, was his 2nd card, Eclaircissement, supposed to represent? My understanding was that Etteilla's original deck had for the 1st-Etteilla Card, simply an opening in the clouds with no Sun - and that the Sun was added later.

It is indeed curious that the Etteilla card should be somewhat like a Chaos card in one deck and an Apollo/Sun card in another.

But I'm confused, Huck, about the point you are making re: Etteilla.
Hm ... I simply say, that it can't hardly be accident, that the early Poilly decks produced a phenomenon (Chaos as a playing card) at a specific position (Nr. 1) and that Etteilla repeated these both features without knowing about the figure Chaos in the Poilly deck.

That's a curious accident and it's very likely, that it is no accident, but something else, an unknown context.

... :-) ... This "unknown context" is then the "riddle", and with that it is that, what a good researcher with some instinct should look for.

Chaos is an old Greek idea with a very direct relation to a figure called "Momus" and Momus played a greater role especially in French carnival.

The "Regiment de la Calotte" (founded 1702) took the motto "Favet Momus, luna influit", from which we easily understand "Momus" and "Luna".

Momus got in the version 2 of the Minchiate Francesi the number "29" ... there are some natural conditions (29.53 days between full moon and next full moon) which associate the number "29" to "Luna".

Also one shouldn't overlook, that the long reigning Louis XIV was called "Sonnenkönig" n Germany, I don't know, what you say in English, but this means "sun-king" or "king of the sun" or something similar.

Well, this are all puzzle-pieces of the riddle, what the Minchiate Francesi might mean, and enough indication, that one should research this Minchiate Francesi, when discussing this strange Etteilla order of the trumps.
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