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Originally Posted by Cerulean View Post
Thanks Huck, womderful, now I can follow the ideas

I do not have the best takes on Hermetic history, but the Chaos card and your notes on the three Polly card designers are an observable feast. Your werk shines again.

... :-) ... thanks, Mari ... But the deck is indeed a fine object and deserves really some attention.
For the moment I think, that both older versions of the Minchiate Francesi (41 cards, 42 cards) might be from c. 1660, which would mean, that it falls together with the time, when Tarot became for unknown reasons "not popular". This is also the time, when medieval thinking started to be thrown from the table. Actually I think, that the title "Sonnenkönig" has some reference to that, what happened a few years before with Galileo. The sun became the center of the universe, and the idea of a geocentric world was gone.
It's somehow logical, that a monarch attempted to advertise himself as a "king like a sun" just then ... and it's also logical, that Tarot stopped to be a model.

Nostalgia saved it ... later.
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