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Originally Posted by Astraea View Post
Hello, I missed this thread until just now. I have Janus, and it will calculate the dignities and debilities in great detail. I am not aware of any way to straighten out the cusp lines, though!
Hi Astraea,

I did find the dignity tables that one can copy and print out from the horary charts (or traditional natal) in Janus. They're great, I agree!

What I was hoping to be able to do was get the decans and terms to show on the actual chart wheel, like in Morinus. I like having the visual representation in addition to the tables. I finally found where I could choose from many "custom" versions of the wheels, but didn't see one with decans and terms showing. I haven't tried creating my own custom wheel yet, but I'm not sure those markings are available options, anyhow.

I wish there were a User Manual for Janus, and not just help files!
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