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MikeH's qusetion on LeNormand and Petit Etteilla and Petit Oracle des Dames

Placeholder for samples and sources.

Coredil posted the link to the 1770 Etteilla Maniere of the 32 card piquet deck text, as well as the Gallica link that leads to free French manual of an 1890 Petit Oracle du Dames 42 card deck.

Coredil's thread:

and the 1770 Etteilla book:

And Petit Oracle des Dames &urlReferer=%2Fadvancedsearch%3Flang%3DEN&enreg=&t ri=&submit1=Start+search&catsel1=f_title&cat1=peti t+oracle+dames&ope2=MUST&catsel2=f_creator&cat2=&o pe3=MUST&catsel3=f_tdm&cat3=&date=daTo&daFr=&daTo= &sel_provenance_Part=toutPartenaires&sel_provenanc e_Edist=toutSNE&sel_source=toutSources&dateMiseEnL igne=indexDateFrom&firstIndexationDateDebut=&first IndexationDateFin=&tri=

Hopefully this leads to happy reading and comparison

I have Kaplan links...Christies...DDD notes.
Cartomancy closely affected by Etteilla patterns and reflect influence.

Originally Posted by Cerulean View Post
The 1770 to 1773 book of Etteiilla online (without pictures) has Etteilla playing card meanings.

The Lismon 1850 reprint of the Petit Etteilla text has more illustrations than I can reproduce, but there are four line drawings or engravings with typeset meaning-- I tried to have jpgs done-so let me see if I can post later.

The Grimaud/Frances Cartes Petit Etteilla available through the mass market would be good to check if over the centuries whether it stayed true to the above.

But this is later--having the right size jpgs for me takes time and very little time available this week. But ithe 32 to 33 pack and data above is the suggested start, as Lismon and later
reprints may vary.
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