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Some further terms:

Translation of light A situation where two significators are not in an applying aspect but a third planet (a faster one) aspects each of the two significators consecutively. For example Significator A is Mars to 15 degrees Cancer and significator B is Jupiter in 10 degrees Virgo. Let's say that Mars signifies a lost ring and Jupiter signifies the querent who has lost it. This is a separating sextile and usually we would conclude that the the ring just isn't going to be found. However if the Moon at 8 degrees Taurus first trines Jupiter and then sextiles Mars in consecutive aspects then we would conclude that a third party either intentionally or unintentionally brings either the querent to the ring or the ring to the querent.

Collection of Light This is a variation on the above but this time a heavier (slower) planet signifes the third party. Suppose that Saturn lies at 16 degrees Cancer. Mars aspects Saturn and if the next planet to aspect Saturn is Jupiter, when it reaches 16 degrees Virgo (and before Saturn leaves Virgo) then the ring will again come back to the querent through the agency of a third party.

For both the above the third planet must be consecutively aspected by the two significators.

Prohibition occurs when another planet either aspects one of the significators before the other significator can (and makes no aspect to that other significator) or aspects a planet potentially involved in translation or collection of light before it has been involved in the two consecutive aspects by the significators.

An example of the latter would be if Mars completes its aspect to Saturn but before Jupiter can aspect Saturn, Saturn is aspected by the Moon moving from 10 degrees Capricorn to 16 degrees Capricorn and thus prohibiting the aspect from Jupiter being the next one after the Mars aspect.

An example of the former would be if Mars was at 10 degrees Cancer and Jupiter at 15 degrees Virgo but Mercury at 10 degrees Capricorn aspects Jupiter before Mars can get to it, as Mercury is a faster planet than either of the two significators.

It's important to check the speeds of planets here, when stationing Mercury or Venus can be slower than Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. So what might seem to be a coming prohibition might actually not be.

Refranation is from the verb to refrain, and is when the applying planet slows and turns retrograde before the aspect can be completed. Again using the above example with Mars at 10 degrees Cancer and Jupiter at 15 degrees. No other planet is going to aspect Jupiter when we check the chart and we are tempted to say that the ring will be found. However a check on an ephemeris shows that Mars will station retrograde at 14 degrees Cancer - the two signifcators do not complete the aspect and we conclude that the ring will not be found. It's reasonably easy to spot the possibility. If Mars is coming to its first trine to the Sun (Sun is coming up to four signs ahead) then check for Mars' station retrograde.

Frustration - No this is not trying to remember all these terms It's a special case of prohibition. For example, Mars at 10 degrees Taurus, Jupiter at 15 degrees Virgo and Saturn at 15 degrees 20 Virgo - before Mars can get to Jupiter, Jupiter completes its conjunction with Saturn.

Before you tear your hair out trying to remember these terms, be aware that they are all concerned with the significators either completing an appying aspect or being aided by a third planet which consecutively aspects each of them. Any other planet that aspects one, but not the other of the significators will stop the matter working out as desired. You don't need to remember the terms, just check to see if the planets will aspect or if not, whether a third planet will aspect each in turn as its consecutive aspects.
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