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Originally Posted by Teheuti View Post
Huck, I'm not sure if I understand your argument. However, I've played the game of Tarot and taught it in classes. I've discussed it's possible symbolic dimensions regarding an interface between the game and occult/divinatory understandings with others who play occasionally. Yet I've never once considered the rules of the game as the basis for ordering the cards or placing the Fool next to last, and I've never heard anyone else mention it.

I must be misunderstanding you here. Isn't the sequence of cards and their numbers the KEY to playing a trick-taking game? What point would a unique suits of cards called trumps be if they were not numbered? It would seem to me that the rules of the game ARE the basis for ordering the cards.

Now whether the rules are what indicated to Levi that the Fool should be penultimate is a different question. But as Huck says, and I said originally, the Fool is essentially the second-highest value card, (with the rare exception of the Magician winning the final trick). So in the minds of players he would be penultimate precisely because he has no number and is the 'excuse'. But one would not necessarily lay the cards out in that sequence in order to illustrate the point. Then again, does anyone need to lay out the pip cards to know that the Queen is penultimate?

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