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Judgment is traditionally, in religious iconography, followed by a splitting into two possibilities that he characterized as Madness or Wholeness.

Trump XX shows the Last Judgment as opposed to one's judgment after death. In Catholicism, one is immediately judged upon death and sent to Heaven, Purgatory or Hell. On the Last Judgment, the resurrection of the body occurs; thus the corpses rising from the grave appear on the card. Then the souls in Heaven and Hell stay in their places, while those in Purgatory get to go to Heaven. Levi knew this doctrine perfectly well, as did the creators of Tarot.

So in terms of a dichotomy, the Last Judgement splits into Heaven and Hell. So if the World is the New Jerusalem, thy why wouldn't the Devil or the Tower/Fire card be placed in the penultimate position? Yet it never was. And this despite the fact that the letter Shin indicates the element of Fire, which can easily be connected to Hell. So Levi certainly was not taking the obvious cues. And he probably felt that moving any other card out of sequence was not kosher :-)

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