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Originally Posted by RLG View Post
the letter Shin indicates the element of Fire, which can easily be connected to Hell.
Although I'm sure LÚvi was aware of the Kabbalistic connection to Fire, he stresses Shin as the Astral Light, which he also identifies with the Devil Card. It's all there in his text. The Astral Light is the key to his whole occult philosophy. We don't have to make up reasons for him.

There is a French occult deck that is undated but probably from the early 19th century, that has a High Priest card and a High Priestess card. But, there are only 21 cards total - the card numbered 15 and untitled is the Fool (with a lion biting his leg). I now wonder if the deck should be dated later and is meant to make clear the link among LÚvi's Devil and Fool and the Astral Light?
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