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Originally Posted by kwaw View Post
Levi did not believe in eternal damnation but in universal salvation - one could even infer from certain extracts of his works that he thought the concepts of hell and purgatory (and 'The Devil'?) were part and parcel of the hallucinations of madness. However, allowing them a measure of rhetorical veracity, as fable or parable, then his belief in universal salvation would mean that after final judgment even 'the devil' would have redemption, so there would be no splitting in two, but redemption for all, including those in 'hell'.
Kwaw - thanks for reiterating this core stance. I hadn't really gotten it before you first brought it up, but now it helps me see LÚvi much more clearly. He appears to have had a troubled relationship with the church as institution - at times, clearly rebelling and at others, wanting to be accepted as part of the fold.
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