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Originally Posted by Luminosa View Post
If we consider this chain, the Fool perfectly connects to the Devil, via the Hermit.

As to the Fool untitled and numbered 15, with a lion biting his leg, it may be that this lion is showing the Fool/Devil connection to the Strength card.
I appreciate your speculations and can see the reasoning. However, as we are doing historical research here, we need to concentrate on what LÚvi actually said. You make a good point that the Hermit's lamp is actually the astral light but I haven't been able to find that in his texts so far, and don't have time right now to look further. Wirth notes that the Hermit's light is hermetically sealed. And LÚvi calls the Hermit both Prudence and the Initiate, so I doubt if the Hermit is wanting to associate with the rich and famous.

You are right about the Lion being reminiscent of Strength in the Fool/Devil card of the Grandpretre Tarot.

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