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Originally Posted by Christine View Post
The enquiry was about how to trace back the 72 Shem angels, and who was using/teaching them through history.

What made my eyes pop was the fact that Lenain published 'le science Kabbalistique' in 1823, and is claiming to be inspired by Etteilla and D'Odoucet.
Fabulous. Another piece of the puzzle. It would be very interesting to see Lenain's book.

It should be noted that there is no mention of Tarot in the lengthy description of his book. Also, I believe the translation from the French should say "The astrology of "Le Science Kabbalistique" was inspired, in part, by the works of Etteilla and of his disciple, Melchoir d'Odoucet . . ."

It does raise the question of whether Lenain's book influenced LÚvi's 72 Clavicules de Salomon, which were related to the Tarot.
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