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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
Yes, thanks, Kwaw, for pointing out again de Gebelin on the number 7.
Best to go straight to Etteilla and see what he writes about the 7; for him the 'letters' of the 'cabalistic alphabet' are the numbers and he 'proves' that 'all the work was to be distributed in 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7 Books' or volumes.

Here is a table that will put on the road those who wish to interpret generally the background of Book of Thoth.

Following a demonstration of his 'proofs' of geometry "we will pare back to its principle, in the manner of Egyptians, which is little known, that is to say, take the value of the last number, which in respect of the alphabet is 7, which we use as multiplier, 7x7 = 49, plus the numerical progression of the alphabet . . . = 28 & 28 + 49 = 77, which is the true number of sheets of the Book of Thoth, zero being the only absolutely one expressive figure to distinguish a vacuum, nothing, nothingness, which accompanies us most of our lives. Note that I do not say, as malapropos many false Savants do, there's void in nature, for I would speak against the spirit of the hieroglyph of Folly or the Fool, which is expressly an allegory on the futile actions of men, such are those that are distinguished by petty words, that peck at flies, do nothing, & c."


Maniere de se recreer avec le jeu de cartes nommees tarots (Premiere Cahier), 1783.
re: the table - the three figure numbers on each line represent the first, middle and last of the previous seven 'letters' - thus on the first line the first letter is 1, the middle 4 and the last seven; the next number/letters on the line are the sum of the previous three, thus 1+4+7=12.

Je dis, il y a sept nombres a l'alphabet, & je les multiplie par eux-meme;
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