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Originally Posted by Huck View Post
This sounds very interesting.
A dead-end I think, he is focused on 77/78 - the only reference I can find to 98 (in the first cahier, p.69) is:

Je releve les quatre nombres de ma geometrie plane, a la facon de Egyptiens, 7x10=70, & les quatre de mes solides 7x14 =98 + 70 = 168, & je remets mon alphabet.

I observes the four numbers of my plane geometry, in the manner of Egyptians, 7x10 = 70, and four of my solids 7x14 = 98 + 70 = 168, and I commend my alphabet.

Originally Posted by Huck View Post
This text, from the year 1802, "Annuaire de la Librairie" by Wilhelm Fleischer seems to say, that Petit Oracle des les Dames, 42 cards with 72 pictures, was available in 1802. 3 Francs.

So a little bit earlier than 1807.

Ha, and here the 1797 ..

There's naturally no guarantee, that the earlier deck (1797) was totally identical to the version of 1807.
Good hunting! The 1802 sounds a definite match - the 1797, as you say no garanti but I think a reasonable assumption they are one and the same from the title, including the phrase we find in the booklet ' Recreation du curieux' and the description, plus elsewhere it is identifiesd as by Gueffier.

Le Petit Oracle des dames, ou Récréation des curieux. Prix 3 fr. Paris, Gueffier, libraire boulevard Cérutti.

Journal typographique et bibliographique (1797) p.334
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