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Been robbed?

I am missing a large bit of cash, that I know I didnt put anywhere but where it belongs...despite this I have torn up every part of my house, searching for two days...I have become suspicious of a "friend" temporarily living nearby, doing some work on my house...for various reasons...his dire need for money is a constant issue, and his behavior has been strange. I did a chart specifically asking if he had taken the money...Im not sure how to post the chart here...since I am new and this is my first time posting! I have been reading everything I can about horary and been practicing on important issues, but this one is so BIG! I need help!

I cast the chart at 11:17 am (EST) Feb 17, 2012

The ascendant, My significator, is 25 degree taurus...ruled venus in the 11th in aries...being squared by pluto
The 7th house ruler, His significator, is scorpio...ruled by mars (unaspected) in the 5th retrograde in virgo and pluto in capricorn in the 8th, with an applying conjunction from the moon within two degrees
Pluto squares venus by 3 degrees
The second house cusp is gemini, ruling the money, ruled by mercury in the 10th in pisces, with a exact sextile to the moon and 2 degrees pluto in the 8th...

I am confused if pluto(the guy i am suspecting) sextiling mercury(the money) means he did or didnt take it...I can see the square to pluto might point to that...

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