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To continue my previous line of thought, I have thought of a good reason for attributing the sunburst on Card 1 to D'Odoucet, sometime around the beginning of the 19th century, probably 1804-1810.

When Blocquel and Castiaux put out their "Grand Etteilla II" c. 1838-1840, they used Etteilla's original design for card 1, without the sunburst. But in their Ace of Batons, they reversed the "Chute" and "Naissance" keywords, making "Chute" the upright, when Etteilla had it the other way. D'Odoucet's version of the keywords, which Papus, in Tarot Divinitoire (English translation p. 9) said he followed, had the Ace of Batons done Etteilla's way. Therefore Blocquel and Castiaux weren't following D'Odoucet.They were probably following La Sallette, who had published his Dictionary of Synonyms in 1791. D'Odoucet published his version in Science des Signes 1804-1807.

Given that the sunburst card 1 and the D'Odoucet Ace of Batons keys-words were used in the Grimaud reprints, and that the non-sunburst card 1 and de la Salette Ace of Batons wre used by Blocquel-Caustiaux, it is likely that the sunburst card 1 is also D'Ocoucet, probably in conjunction with his book, i.e. 1804-1807.

It remains to verify that the Ace of Batons in the deck reproduced in Vitali's "Tarot, History, and Magic" and the one reprinted in Kaplan Vol. 1 (which is identical to the former) has the same Ace of Batons as the Grimaud reprints. I will make inquiries.

I notice that DDD p. 106, trace D'Odoucet to Lille in November 1808, after which they lose track of him. Lille is where Blocquel-Caustiaux had their business, starting in fact around 1809, as I think Huck found out. DDD observe that D'Odoucet is not among the Paris printers that were approved in the regulations on 1811. If nothing else, DDD say, the reason would be D'Odoucet's royalist leanings (also a big part of why Etteilla called him a Dodo). In such a situation, it seems to me, it probably would even have been difficult for him to print anything earlier, as he was continually being harassed and occasionally jailed by police. Perhaps Blocquel-Caustiaux were the first printers of the deck with the sunburst on card 1, following D'Odoucet's instructions. (And perhaps after that they had a friendly visit from the police.) So later, in the 2nd Republic, they decided that D'Odoucet did not represent Etteilla as well as de la Sallette, and the "Grand Etteilla II" was born, with its removal of the sunburst and the reversal of the keywords on the Ace of Batons.
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