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Hello Mike, that was my question because Chute and Naissance

in Etteilla II variations by Simon Blocquel in the 1838 book and 1890 deck and Etteilla III engravings iefor MF. Delarue have Chute upright. The Etteilla III is 1865 for MF Delarue.

I believe even the 1845 French Jeu des Princesse book printed in Paris with card sihouettes have many Etteilla titles, including the upright Ace of Wands meaning with Chute as upright meaning.

I posted about Simon Blocquel and his publishing in Lille and his son in law earlier than Huck in my related threads and sent the information to you--actually months before Huck. But let me check again to see if if Huck has posted my links on Simon Blocquel being a freemason and all the printing business success. My links had the same data of number of employees, the apprenticeship data and so I did not contradict Huck. Rather I thought Huck copied it from my previous posts.

I will check the above first, then your links to AV's /Berti's notes. I am not certain, but I was so excited about Simon Blocquel when I first found the info, I do not remember anyone else posting it on Aeclectic before I did, so I started a thread with Simon Bloquel biographical notes for reference.

Later:Yes my post 11 and 12 of Oct 2011 cites three souces and I began a biographical timeline of Simon Bloquel in the Jeu des Dames thread. I will link later and continue and if Huck uncovered more detail, I willadd and vredit appropriately.

I sent Mike Howard the thread link in case there is more detail fromy earlirr posts.

I do need to check the sky or sunburst major.

Thank you for your references.

If I am reading you correctly, what tarot version did you think most closely fits Etteilla I descriptions?

I may be mistaken, but are you thinking the Simon Blocquel/ Lismon seems closer, without D'oucet innovations?
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