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The question is about a meeting, not about romance so the secondary significators are not used. That leaves us with Mercury and Jupiter plus the Moon as a co-significator for you or him, as needed.

The mutual reception of Jupiter (in the Face of Mercury) and Mercury (in the Terms of Juptier) shows a mutual attraction but not a strong one, more on your part than his - in his case it means he won't dislike you, rather than he'll fall head over heals in love But it's a fair start

The separation of the Moon from Jupiter isn't necessarily an indication of a past connection, it could simply mean the opportunity is passing. However Moon, Jupiter is a better proposition in terms of mutual reception, as you point out Taurus is the Moon's exaltation and Cancer is Jupiter's. The trine aspect, though not applying strengthens the connection. So we have a mutual reception which is much stronger and may be enough to deliver a 'yes' answer. If this had been a 'romance' question I would have felt it very strongly points to a 'yes' answer, if JL was someone that you'd had some contact with - even if only by online means or through letters or email. As it is, there's a good indicator of a meeting.

Indeed if it were a romance question, I'd have used the Sun as a second significateor of him and concluded very strongly on a 'yes' answer. But as you've confined it to a meeting (and not even a date) I have to ignore the Sun and the Moon/Sun trine and for that matter the fifth House. I'd say you have a good chance of that meeting but not the certainty of it.

Incidentally, yes there are exaltation degrees and they may have once had a real significance but even by early medieval time they were secondary to the sign as a a measure of planetary strength.
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