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Spreads for LL

I found some interesting Alchemy inspired spreads from the AT spreads sub-forum.

Here is an Alchemy spread by Abigail (9 cards):

Originally Posted by Abigail

The nine card reading can be found in some alchemy work
The top line is the passage of the soul past being the left card now being the center and future being the right card
The second line is the emotion
The third the physical
From my understanding of the works the aim was to bring a harmony as all three levels become balanced.
It was used as a problem solving reading to find the root of a problem.
An example being the problem maybe lack of money.
but looking for answers on a psychical may not be relevant if the problem of the lack of money is caused by feeling spiritually lost so needing to fill that void by spending on *stuff* or courses. It maybe that the problem is on the emotional in that overspending is occurring to make you feel better emotionally. A problem maybe appearing on the emotional but could be stemming from something happening on the physical i.e. ill health. This reading according to the alchemy work I have read was to find the cause of a problem and dealing with it on that level rather than dealing with where the problem was manifesting. It deals with the whole of who we are rather than just one level where a problem may occur.
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