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Huck wrote
First, the quote in DDD is on p. 113, not 13. This is of course merely a typo.
Thanks, I repaired it.

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I posted about Simon Blocquel and his publishing in Lille and his son in law earlier than Huck in my related threads and sent the information to you--actually months before Huck. But let me check again to see if if Huck has posted my links on Simon Blocquel being a freemason and all the printing business success. My links had the same data of number of employees, the apprenticeship data and so I did not contradict Huck. Rather I thought Huck copied it from my previous posts.
I followed my own line of research, when I detected the Blocquel-Castiaux text of 1809 in Andrea Vitali's material (which surprised me, actually I suspected a father and son relation, but it was the same man) ..

.. as given at ...

Mainly I used DDD and then the very informative link, that I found ...
with a text of Roger. A. Collins of 1985, "Simon Blocquel, imagier et Úditeur lillois".

Well. The Etteilla timeline text has become very complex, it's too difficult to know everything, what happened inside.


Generally I would assume, that Simon Blocquel was just a very big publisher and business man, who - as a rather small part of his big business - also took publication merits for Etteilla decks. Perhaps he had a much deeper correlation to children games and books for children than to any esoteric content.
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