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I was hoping that this might help

James Revak and Elizabeth Hazel did some study of Etteilla's astrology and wrote an appendix of assignments. Maybe it corresponds to the table?

I am so used to seeing dates and names of the astrological sign and decanates of Golden Dawn astrology, that trying to figure out the "Temple of Memphis" card table has me puzzled--yet it seems like the visual representation should be easy enough. Perhaps if if the scan had lines drawn between the card numbers, one can more easily see which astrological sign is assigned?

Or my suspician is this it just a fancy depiction of an imagined mural of the 'cards as hieroglyphics' as if the cards adorned an alter, or a wall for the secret initiates?

The last idea is to lay out the cards as noted and maybe you can find a curious cipher or a model of the universe? Or at least the world according to Etteilla...
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