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Morning DaisyDragonfly!

Good for you on getting started To answer your question for myself; I don't use cards at that point, but I don't think it's 'wrong' provided you feel the cards are helping you reveal something from inside you that you're then expressing outwardly.

A lot of the thrust of the course is inner exploration and understanding, so if the cards assist with that, that's a great way to use them. It would be counter-productive if they just enabled a person to reel off a quick answer that didn't connect with their inner self, because they'd be failing to look inside, and then how would they journey or change?

Does that make sense?
So, if you feel the cards are expressing visually what you feel within, then it works! But if you don't feel any link or connection for any particular issue, then maybe spend time thinking, doodling, writing, talk out loud, whatever allows your inner self to shine through.

That's how it would be for me anyway, but everyone IS different, so just trust your instinct I guess

PW x
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