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I detected at an exhibition photo (Andrea Vitali, Malta) a version of the Petit Oracle des Dames. ... the small photo at the right

Compare the small Amor picture with the later card:

It's almost identical inclusive the small Pique Ace and the Venus sign above it.

I looked in the catalog of Andrea Vitali, made around the time of the Malta exhibition and found as the Amor picture as Nr. 118 ..

Blocquel is a name, which appears in DDD "Wicked Pack of Cards" variously ...
I got pictures of the 1809 book of Blocquel. It isn't identical to the Petit Oracle des Dames text shown by the source.

It's partly a dream book ("Songes" = dreams), which claims to be in relation to a deck with 74 pictures ... which should mean the Petit Oracles des Dames. All 42 card motifs are distributed in the book as black-white pictures, possibly only copied. And their function in the book stays rather unclear, perhaps they are just "decoration".

The dream book is a sort of dream dictionary with (if I counted correctly) 211 entries, which consist of a word and an additional short explanation, and as a "riddle" of 0-3 related numbers. Examples:

I don't know, what these numbers shall mean. I counted, that 0 number was once used, 1 number was used 46 times and 2 numbers were used 28, all others have 3 numbers.

The used numbers range from 1 to 90 ...

I've no explanation for this.

The dream book goes till page 64. Then follows an additional manual to draw cards.

32 cards are used.


If there's any way to understand this strange arrangement, it should be in the introduction.

It somehow relates to the book of Thot (78 cards) and it deals with 12 other objects (?).

78 + 12 = 90?

My humble French doesn't get much sense of it.


Added: This 19th century advertisement demonstrates, that Dream books and playing card divination had a close connection:
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