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Originally Posted by PathWalker View Post
Morning DaisyDragonfly!
Does that make sense?
Evening, PathWalker!

Yes, it makes perfect sense. You're right, of course. Actually, I felt that if I didn't use the cards, my answers were more likely to be shallow, glib. As if I'd just say what I already knew (or thought I knew) without looking deeper, or questioning those assumptions.

In fact, the first card I pulled, I wasn't sure what to do with it. So I closed my eyes and visualized it and just sat with the image; sure enough, I went somewhere I hadn't quite expected. I'm not sure I've gone as deep with it as I could, but that's why I haven't automatically gone onto the next exercise. See if anything else appears...

And this level of commitment is why it won't be something I can do everything evening, or even every week!

Thanks for the encouragement, though, PathWalker It helps!
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