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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
I have a quick question: I did a chart, question being will A marry B this year? A's significator the Sun applies for a trine to 7th house significator Saturn. No other aspects prior to that, Asc and Moon are OK. Do I need to investigate the chart further or is the applying trine between the significators of 1 and 7 houses enough for a positive answer?
When did you do the chart? If it was a few weeks back with Sun in Aquarius, then this looks very promising for a wedding. Just double check that neither Sun nor Saturn will be aspected by a third planet before thchartne is perfected. If its a day chart the things will be even stronger with Saturn as the Air triplicity ruler. if you find no impediments on your double check then you can feel reasonably safe in your prediction - assuming the chart is radical, so double check that too.

If its a chart cast in the last few days then there is no tribe trine forming between Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra, so you need to recheck your chart completely. And yes, I've 'seen' aspects that weren't there in the past and found the error on a double or even triple check :-)
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