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It was about two or three weeks ago, I'll check back but towards the beginning of this month. Thanks, Mnderwiz, I'll go back and double check all you suggested!

Ok, here is what I checked and got:
Asc in 20 Leo - querent = Sun
Moon in 19 Capricorn (not Via Combusta), still has aspects to come (one of which is a square to Saturn though)
Dsc in 20 Aquarius - partner = Saturn

Sun in last degree of Aquarius ia applying for a trine to Saturn in last degree of Libra. I know the last degrees are critical but don't know how to decipher it here. Otherwise there won't be another aspect before this one, they are only minutes apart. I also see the Sun is not in its best shape while Saturn is exalted but is the applying trine here enough to say "yes"?

I also checked the houses - Sun in the 7th, yes, the querent wants this marriage. Saturn is in the 3rd for the querent but 9th for himself, he is a foreigner and it will be a second marriage for him. The Moon is in the 5th house, yes, she is in love. She is also in the sign of Saturn.

That's what I got. The main question being is the trine enough or not?
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