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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Yes you've got that right. You are signified by Mars, and he is signified by Venus
Haha great! I got the first step right!

Having correctly identified the two significators, your next step is to make a judgement about their strength and ability to act in this situation. Planets in the seventh may have some bearing (if this case only Venus is in the seventh, so that will be considered in your evaluation of Venus). Planets in the fifth are not necessarily relevant here, unless they are or will aspect one or both of the two significators, or unless they aspect the Ascendent/Descendent.

Evaluation of Mars and Venus is two stage:

Firstly evaluate their essential dignity in their current (chart) zodiacal positions

Secondly evaluate their accidental dignity, that really boils down to house placement, their relationship to the Sun (e.g. retrograde or combust), and any aspects from other planets which might be helpful or which might hinder.

Taking essential dignity first, just as a starter, you should be able to identify that Venus is in Taurus, her own sign - so she's strong in essential dignity. Mars on the other hand is in Virgo, which is not a particularly good sign for Mars. Usually Mars would be Peregrine here, that is lacking some clear direction or control, however Mars does have a mutual reception with Mercury, as they are in each others Terms - Mars (you) might have a friend who can help but Terms are not very dignified, so you are the weaker of the two in this situation.

Taking accidental dignity, Mars is well placed in the tenth but that positioon is not as strong as it could be because the cusp is in Leo and Mars is in Virgo. Furthermore, Mars is retrograde, so this adds to the lack of control and direction.

Venus is in it's own house and in the seventh - a strong and self centred position - He is (at the moment) more concerned with his own interests but these don't particularly include

The next thing to consider is whether there is a change coming - that is will there be an aspect or other link between Mars and Venus, which might bring you two together. There is no aspect forming between Mars and Venus so our first way of identifying a possible coming together offers little hope.

Nor is any other planet in line to aspect Mars and Venus in turn (or be aspected by them in turn), so the second way of predicting a coming together (by way of a third party) does not look promising.

However the Moon acts as your co-significator, and the Moon is applying to Venus by antiscion (see some of the early posts to learn more about this). The coming contact between Moon and Venus offers a real chance of him noticing you

There's no strong reception here (that is one or other significator in a major dignity of the other) so whether this will become a serious relationship is by no means as certain - however the opportunity looks likely to materialise, whether you can develop it into something more is your challenge.
Wow, ok, this is something I'm really going to have to sit down and really pick at to completely understand! I really need a base knowledge of astrology for this, so that's what I'm going to be working on....then I'll pick at it lol But thank you it's a great guide to help me understand!

But yes, your right about everything. He always does notice me, but that's the problem. We've been going through this cycle for 2 years, he notices me, we make plans together, then he just gets scared and I don't hear from him for a few months lol. This time he's been gone for about 6 months. He recently came back into my life, again, and said he wants to spend time with me....but at this point I want nothing to do with him unless he wants to get serious. So I can see there being an opportunity, but it's really up to him on what he wants to do, it's out of my control. So, mars (me) in retrograde, could that be saying just that? That things are out of my control?
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