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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Thanks for the background. On the basis of what you say, I can add two further points. Venus (him) in in the Terms of Mars (you), so he has some interest in you. However this is not a strong reception, so I wouldn't say he's really as keen as he says he is. I'm not saying he's lying - he might well just be keen at the moment but not in any permanent way or keen on the idea rather than the substance of a relationship.
So, by that how these two planets react? But yeah, I think he's sincere in the moment, until he actually thinks about it. I think the big issue is that he wants me in his world, he doesn't want to integrate our two worlds together...he's just not ready for it.

The other which mildly concerned me at the time was that Mars (you) in in the Fall of Venus (which is Virgo, the opposite sign to its exaltation in Pisces). If you were the person pursuing the relationship, then that could indicate simply that you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position but given your statement above, it's more likely to reflect your desire to have nothing to do with him at the moment (for the reasons you have explained).
Actually, is it possible it could be both? I'm actually in a relationship now that just terrible but dont have the financial means to leave so yes, i'm pretty valnerable. Not sure if that's the hold up or if it even matters. But at the same time I really don't want anything to do with him if were just going to go in the same circle we always do.

I think you're right to be cautious here. If he really is serious he has to make more effort than he has done up to now and he's going to have to work hard to convince you that he's not going to disappear again (into his own world).

On the additional reading, Horary is different from modern Astrology, so if you're looking for a book have a look at the texts in the recommeded reading thread. You'll also find a lot or material and resources on Skyscript ( )
He actually puts in a lot of effort....he just needs to work on following through to the next step.

I've already started browsing skyscript, great site so far! Very helpful! Thank you!
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