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I was looking a this card as it is my number card for the current year. I really like how Place has depicted this image. When I was first working with this deck I really gained a lot by viewing the majors around the wheel (ie. Wheel of Fortune). It is interesting to me that The Hermit represtents the top spot on the Wheel and declares 'I do reign'. I like how the imagery shows him nearing the top of the hill/mountain with the path ahead going down the other side. Interesting timing for my card of the year as well since it began on my 40th birthday.....only way from here is down .

I've always loved The Hermit card and it is certainly one of my favourite images. At first I was slightly underwhelmed by the Alchemical version, but it has grown on me over time. I love the raven on his shoulder, which for me links the card with Saturn/Chronos and the associated mythology. I also really like the inclusion of the ouroboros and how this links to the symbolism/myth as well.

When I look at numbers in tarot I do the less usual thing of connecting the Hermit (9) with The Sun (19), rather than the Hermit (9) and The Moon (19). I find the first way gives me more insight. Anyway, I mention this because I like how the Hermit holds the lantern, with the lit candle, because to me this is the connection with the Sun. Here in the Hermit, we take our inner sun and nurture it, take care of it, contemplate it, before we venture forward ready to project it out into the world in the actual Sun card.

Just some musings from me on a rainy Sunday afternoon to get things started.
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