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Crystal Study Group

Ok I wanted to have some fun so this week (maybe longer) I'm studying Angelite.

Yesterday I spent some time with my Angelite and read Angel stories (or should I say Angel encounters)

Angelite is said to help connect to the angelic realm. It's also good for telepathic communication as well as bringing inner peace and tranquility.

Other than my Angel globe I bought after Christmas I'm not really into Angels. I've asked my Angelite to help me connect to the Angels......and to help me see the signs that the Angels are with me. I've also asked my Angelite to help the Angels come visit me in my dreams and to help me remember those dreams. LOL

Today I took my Angelite to work and what was interesting was that when I looked at the time it was 11:10 and when I checked the time again it was 11:12. So not the usual 11:11 I tend to see. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided the Angels would make their presence known in other ways. Yep......suddenly I thought of Los Angeles.....the City of Angels and then the song Angie (Rolling Stones) popped into my head. After that the song Fly to the Angels (Slaughter) popped into my head. So I had both of these songs playing in my head most of the afternoon. When I got home I asked my pendulum if Angie was an Angel with me. The pendulum said yes : )

I found some Angel meditations to try as well as a few sites that list Angel Numbers.
So that's my experience so far.....
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