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Some more weird stuff.....

Something I didn't mention but yesterday as I was waiting to clock out I started to hear a beep. It sounded like it was far away. I thought it was a truck somewhere outside backing up and the sound slowly became louder. LOL then I realised it was the timer in my backpack. After about a minute or so it stopped. When I got to my car I checked to make sure it was off. Not only was it off...the time showed the 25:00 it was set for. This morning while I was digging in my backpack I noticed the time on the timer...13:31.

Then I had barely started work when my Supervisor told me for the past few days my mileage was showing up as 0 on the computer. So I had to check the settings on my scanner and he re-checked them. Then I hit the departure scan and my scanner was showing the ending mileage for the day before.

And a few minutes ago my son told me that for a few hours last night his X-Box and the PC were both showing there was NO internet connection....despite the fact the router was showing a connection.

Edited to add......ok when I hit submit I got a message telling me this was a duplicate post of a message posted 5 minutes earlier...HUH??????
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