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Some more info......

Before I even get to today just a few more things to share.....

On Tues. while I was looking at my Angelite(in the sunlight) I realised it would be good to scry with as it almost immediately clouded over. I tried later that night but just couldn't get the lighting right. I also tried by holding the Angelite and looking into my scrying mirror. I couldn't get anything to come through so I want to try this again.

I have noticed that since working with this crystal...when I'm relaxed and my eyes are closed....more visions are coming through. They don't always make sense but for me this is a big plus....visualising is NOT my strong point : )

I've been carrying this stone in my pocket everyday and although I can't say it's kept me at a constant calm...there has been a few times I was very I held this stone in my hands and I actually did calm down.

As I had asked for signs that the Angels are with me...... a few days ago I got out my Oracle of Shadows and Light........shuffled and fanned out the cards....closed my eyes and drew a card. Actually I drew 2 cards.(together as I thought it was only one) The first one was Marie Masquerade which perfectly fit the situation between my friend and I and the second was The Angel of I got my Angel.

And something I forgot to mention...yesterday while delivering the mail there were between 10-15 pieces of mail that had an Angel on the return address label.
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