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Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
RE: your phone call.....some things are pretty amazing aren't they?

Thanks for your insights about the dream. My friend and I haven't been doing so well since I've been working with the crystals.....LOL I thought it was telling me to take another/clearer look at our situation.

I do hope you join in : )
The funny thing about the phone call was I had already put my pendant of Super 7 on - it enhances telepathy lol!

In regard to your dream, it just struck me because I remember being on the beach with my brother who is now passed away. He was very wise. I was beachcombing and found a piece of seaglass shaped like a lens from glasses, and when he saw it, he said, oh, it's a sign that you aren't looking at things properly...that you can't see what is going on. That's why I commented

Good thing CelticN told you not to actually put the crystal in water! But you can cleanse it in the sun or the moon...

I have read all your subsequent posts, and I have to say, it sounds like you have a very intense connection going with the angels! That's so amazing! Also, in regard to phones and connections and things like that not working, it doesn't surprise me in the least - in this house, I have had all kinds of things happen - all to do with light switches, cables, radios etc unplugging themselves, turning themselves on by themselves, all the rest of it. I have often heard that spirits work through lights, because they borrow the energy to manifest from the connections. Or that it is easier for them to manifest that way, by borrowing the energy. Or, that if you work with Archangel Michael, that he manifests through anything to do with light or fire, and wires carry enough energy to start fires...

I have to get myself some angelite! lol! As to seeing 11's - that's you and me both, the number won't leave me alone! And now my husband is seeing it al the time too ;p

Can't wait for your next post!
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