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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
...One hand is gloved. The other is not. She seems quite interested in what the old lady has to tell her. ...
Originally Posted by ncefafn View Post
Has anyone noticed that the sitter's left hand appears to be a skeletal claw?
It IS a ghoul, skeletal claw!
It is not the gloved hand on the arm of a chair so many of us saw at first!!! My heart is still pounding since I saw this!!

I just got the Baba bag of this card. Since the bag is an enlargement of the card, all of a sudden I saw that skeleton hand in the picture on the bag!!!

And her hand is NOT on the arm of a chair either! The chair arm I saw at first is actually the gleam of an enormous, barbed fish hook in that ghoul hand!!!

So, the young innocent lady is not at all who she is pretending to be! So how does this play into the Wheel of Fortune? That life and people are not who they may seem? Don't read a book by its cover?

That enormous fish hook: Life &/or people can hook you? Beware of people whose true intent may be creating control, misery or doldrums in your world?

Other ideas???

NOTE: I tried to enlarge that ghoul hand with the enormous fish hook on my scanner and post the enlarged picture, but my scanner is not co-operating. Maybe someone else's scanner can enlarge that area of the card?
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